Renowned for its majestic beauty and spectacular national park, the Blue Mountains has certainly earned its title as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The foot of the Blue Mountains is only less than an hour drive from Sydney, making it one of the most ideal location for bushwalks, sightseeing and relaxation. Discover breathtaking landscapes, picturesque towns and cultural attractions as you experience the beauty of Blue Mountains.

Located at Echo Point Katoomba, the Three Sisters is Blue Mountains’ most iconic landmark. According to an Aboriginal legend, the peaks are three sisters who had been bewitched by a Katoomba tribe elder who turned them into stones in order to protect them from harm. However, the elder was killed before he could reverse the spell. Therefore, the sisters remain in their monumental rock formation which serves as a reminder of this incident for generations to come. The remarkable Three Sisters is best seen from Echo Point Lookout and the sandstone cliffs formed through erosion thousands of years ago are set among the edge of Jamison Valley.

In the Blue Mountains National Park, Wentworth Falls is not to be missed! A magnificent waterfall on the edge of Jamison Valley – watch it cascade down three tiers of rock ledges and gush down the Valley of the Waters. Make sure to also stop by the Conservation Hut in the nearby town to grab a bite as they are known for their hearty lunches and sumptuous snacks!

Surrounded by lush eucalypt forests, dark ravines and forested valleys, a trip to the Blue Mountains is never complete without going on a walking trail. Follow the easy Princes Rick Walk or challenge yourself to the National Pass Walking Trail. Just remember to check the weather forecast before venturing out!

Visit the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden which comprises cool-climate plants mainly from the southern hemisphere. Take a stroll along The Jungle, a 33-hectare Blue Mountain rainforest, or go on a guided tour which introduces the area’s exhibits using interactive exhibits.

There is so much to see and do in the Blue Mountains for free, not to mention it is a haven for all nature lovers with its stunning landscapes and pristine beauty!