The Stunning Story of Three Sisters in Blue Mountains

August 2, 2022
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Katoomba offers a breathtaking view of the Blue Mountains and three iconic rocks. They call them, Three Sisters (or popularly, “Kanangra” to the Aborigines). These rocks are situated on the edge of Leura Forest alongside the Jamison Valley. When they catch sunlight streaming through on the right time of day, their hues turn an inimitable cerulean blue — hence its name “Blue Mountain”.

The Legend of Three Sisters in Blue Mountains in Australia is a legend that explains the story of how three young women were turned into stone.

The story tells of three sisters who were part of the Katoomba tribe who lived in the Jamison Valley. The three young women, Meehni, Wimblah, and Gunnedoo had fallen in love with three boys (who were also brothers) from the Nepean tribe. However, they weren't able to marry because of tribal law.

The brothers, upset by this, decided to capture the three sisters and take them back to their own village as prisoners. This started a battle between the two tribes where a witch doctor from the Katoomba tribe took it upon himself to protect the sisters from harm but turned them into stone for protection. He was killed during the battle so he was unable to turn them back to flesh as he planned to after the battle was over. The sisters are still beautiful in their rock formation and remain there as a reminder of this battle that took place between two tribes.

These timeless natural wonders will certainly draw you because of its enormous height, ancient look and magnificent rock structure. Seeing the Three Sisters must be on the bucket list of several Blue Mountains tours enthusiast.

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