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10 Cool Running Tours to See Street Art Around the World

Step outside in New York City, and you’re likely to spot at least three pieces of graffiti on any given block. It’s as much a part of the city as subway delays and tourists with selfie sticks. If you want to see the best street art has to offer, you need to a) find someone who knows where the best stuff is and b) cover a lot of ground to see it all. The best way to do that? Running, of course.

Running is hands down one of the best ways to explore a new city, and street art runs are becoming a popular way to combine urban exploration with an appreciation for the local street art scene. And it’s not just in New York that active tourists (and locals alike) are taking to the streets—cities all over the world are celebrating their unique art scenes with guided runs that spotlight local and international murals, wall paintings, and graffiti. So the next time you’re in one of these cities, join one of these 10 running tours—if not for the experience, for the cool Instagram.

Melbourne, on Australia’s southern coast, is the more European of the country’s largest cities, and it shows in the arts scene—especially on Chapel Street, which is home to a ton of galleries, bars, and fashion labels. Chapel Street Art on the Run Tour takes you on a 6K route through the famous gridded laneways of the city’s trendiest precinct to peep its most iconic street art. It’s easy enough for beginners—the pace is a slower run rather than a sprint—and your guide is on hand to point out not only the best murals, but also the local spots for postrun brews.