Largest Cactus Garden in Melbourne

Elaine Gabales
August 9, 2022
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If you've ever wanted to step into the middle of a desert landscape, but were too afraid to leave your home, this is your chance! And if you've ever wanted to see a cactus garden in its natural habitat, look no further than Cactus Country.

Cactus Country is a 10-acre garden in Strathmerton, Australia that features over 3000 cacti—and it's definitely not in Mexico. In fact, Cactus Country is just three hours north of Melbourne.

Cactus Country is owned by Jim Hall, who started growing cacti back in the 1970s when he was just a young boy. Now in his 60s, he and his wife Julie run the place together with their two sons. Their collection includes over 3000 species of cacti from all over the world, including some very old specimens!

The Hall family has been growing their collection for over 40 years now and still loves coming up with new ways to grow their diverse array of plants. You'll find everything from succulents to euphorbias to even some palms here at Cactus Country.

The surreal landscape is home to some of the world's oldest cacti. And although it has been around for 25 years, this enchanting landscape is welcoming in more visitors than ever before thanks to social media. With over 3000 species of cactus, this garden is undeniably photogenic. Cacti aren't native to Australia but they've adapted well to our dry rural climate here in Cactus Country!

Cacti are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Their prickly leaves and spiky flowers make them the perfect addition to any home or garden. And who can resist these little guys?

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