Melbourne’s Fitzroy is known as one of the most hipster neighbourhoods where young individuals go to party and chill at the local bars, pubs and clubs. This trendy suburb is home to some of Melbourne’s most vibrant painted alleyway and murals. Known for its street art, contemporary music scene and bohemian living, Fitzroy is a must visit for both locals and tourists!

Located 3km North-east of Melbourne’s CBD, Fitzroy was Melbourne’s first suburb established in 1839 for the purposes of industrial progression. It soon did a 180 turn as urban renewal occurred to allow streams of migrants and workers to live there. Since then, it has become one of Melbourne’s most diverse and multicultural neighbourhoods.

As a result, Fitzroy is home to many highly acclaimed food stops and cafes that visitors NEED to visit.

Lune Croissanterie

Dubbed as one of the world’s best croissants, Lune Croissanterie is a great example of the Melbourne's cultural exploration into food and dining.

Raved about by the most on-trend Melbournians, make sure to grab a box of the classic plain croissants and almond croissants to become a croissant 'lune-atic'!

Bar Hopping

Get to know the locals and experience what it means to be a Melbournian in Fitzroy’s commercial heart, Brunswick street!  Home to an array of highly acclaimed pubs and bars, party your way through the streets as you witness what rowdy Melbourne is like. Start at the fancy and elegant bar, The Black Pearl, then head to Brunswick pub were most of the locals love to hang out. Then enjoy the jaw dropping panoramic views of Melbourne at an upstairs rooftop bar, Naked in the Sky!

Explore the local street art

What would you expect when the neighbourhood is home to the hippest, artistic individuals Melbourne has to offer? Extraordinary, mind-boggling street art!

Get lost in the hundreds of brick-laid streets to witness  powerful streams of murals and graffiti that will definitely leave you in awe. Keep an eye out for the signature tags of each artist on every wall to visit their work on Instagram.

How to get there

From the CBD: Take the Number 11 tram from Collins Street or the number 86 tram from Bourke Street Mall (Approximately 20 minutes travel time).