Here are our picks of what you need to check out:

1. Escape Room Melbourne, Flemington & South Melbourne

Escape rooms in Melbourne

A nail biting escape adventure - Melbourne’s original escape room has now branched out with a South Melbourne sister. Solve the mystery and escape a mysterious room abandoned for more than half a century at Flemington’s escape room. A Mine Escape and Emporium await in South Melbourne, and don't say we didn't warn you in advance that these two rooms will really put you to the test! 


2. Rush, South Yarra

Think fast and challenge yourself from a Da Vinci code inspired experience to Mission: Possible bank breaks and shipwreck survival skills. Cooperation, critical thinking and speedy decision-making skills are key to escape. Work together as a team to overcome all the challenges and find your way out.


3.Trapt, Melbourne CBD

Escape Rooms Melbourne

The city’s most incredible bar-cum-escape room experience that enables you to choose one of four themed puzzle rooms. With room themes such as the zombie-fuelled Biohazard to the magical Alice In Wonderland and dungeon-dwelling Prisonbreak, this sure is one heck of an awesome spot!