St. Kilda, the cultural epicentre and still the best playground by the sea in Melbourne. It seems that even time has taken a break in this multicultural locality. Just a 5 minutes drive from the busy CBD of Melbourne, this locality brings that relaxing freshness required in this fast paced cosmopolis. Let us go on a 24-hour siesta to this oasis of fun called St. Kilda.

9:00 AM

Bars in St Kilda
A fine start (Picture courtesy: Republica)

Nothing lights up a weekend like a hearty brekkie isn’t it? So, our first stop: Republica.

Located right on the beach, this laid-back dining place has items on its menu that are hard to pass on. Breezy atmosphere with economical pricing is just the start that we are looking for. What can seriously match up to a meal of French toast, real maple syrup and poached fig ice cream beside the ocean? That’s right nothing.

10:00 AM

Things to do in St Kilda
Defining St. Kilda from a century! (Picture courtesy: Max Group; St Kilda Sea Baths)

After a hearty meal, let’s take a stroll down the St. Kilda Bath and the. This historical institution has a story to tell. Not many are aware but this privately-run institution has been here since the 19th century. The boardwalk offers a perfect view to the sea and makes for a perfect stroll by the beach.

The complex has many renowned cafes and restaurants and a world class massage centre if you are feeling like pampering yourselves. For the adventurous, there are plenty of sporting options like kiteboarding, water sports on the beach or a swim in the historical seawater pool of St. Kilda baths. 

Things to do in St Kilda
The magnificent Rhino (Picture courtesy: Max Group; St Kilda Sea Baths)

For the art and wildlife aficionados, be sure to visit the amazing Rhino sculpture, “The Last Two” and we promise you won’t be disappointed. 

12:00 PM

All that walking, sporting, massages, shopping must have worked up quite an appetite now. So, behold our next stop: Hank Marvin Market.

The place is abuzz with people from different communities and nationalities setting up food stalls. You can treat your taste buds to the cuisines of Japan to Jamaica and still be hungry for more with some live music to keep you entertained. You can also buy many organic items from this market at a bargain and if you are a dog person then you are up for a treat. 

2:00 PM

Time to shift gears now. Our next stop needs no introduction, Luna Park. The romance of St. Kilda and this iconic amusement park began in the year 1912 and the bond is only getting stronger with time. It doesn’t matter how many seasons you have witnessed but a trip to the amusement park still excites those with a heartbeat. It has rides for everyone and not to forget the events and special attractions planned throughout the year.

Things to do in St Kilda
Let the fun times begin! (Picture courtesy: Luna Park)

With a $5 entry ticket it is quite a delight to take a look at this iconic attraction. The tickets to the rides could be bought over the counter or online. The park has ample of attractions and food options.

5:00 PM

Going back to the ever so greeting waves, we have plethora of dining options for our final meal of the day. One of the highly rated restaurants overlooking the Port Phillip Bay is Stokehouse. With finely curated menu, it has plenty to offer to people of all tastes. The bar also has one of the finest selection of drinks that you can expect and is always very well stocked. 

6:30 PM

St. Kilda has always been known for its vibrant music scene and that takes us to our next destination: Palais Theatre.

Things to do in St Kilda
Entertaining Melbourne since 1927 (Picture courtesy: Palais Theatre)

Built in 1927, this theatre was graced by some the greats like Johnnie Ray, Bob Hope, The Rolling Stones, Tom Jones to name a few and still attracts famous musicians. 

If music is not really your scene and you’d rather fancy a theatre drama or opera or ballet, then National Theatre is the place for you. And if you are in the mood to watch a classic movie or nostalgic cinema, then head over to Astor Theatre, where you are sure to catch a Clint Eastwood or a Marlon Brando movie playing.

9:30 PM

It is time to head back home but not without saying farewell to the little ones who come out every evening just to greet you over. Yes, the little penguins of St. Kilda. A stroll over the pier would take us to the penguins who come out and play after the sunset. Endemic to only Australia and New Zealand, this specie of penguins are the smallest of their family and are an absolute treat to watch. 

Things to do in St Kilda
Happy feet! (Picture courtesy:  St. Kilda Penguins – Earthcare)

That concludes the day and hopefully this cultural hub of Melbourne which we call St. Kilda, has piqued your interest enough to dedicate a day to wonderful suburb. If you are planning to venture down in February then, you can witness the St. Kilda Festival which is known for its celebration of Australian Music.